Where oh where to begin?

Well I guess first would be to say, Hello! I’m Kirstie! I’m a photographer based in Colorado Springs, Colorado but will travel to wherever my clients need me to go. I’m married to an Army man so I’ll likely be in several different states over the next several years of my life. My passion is photographing couples, families, births and elopements. I adore capturing those real time moments and freezing that moment in time for my clients to cherish for generations to follow. My mother was a photographer when I was about 4 and I ran around with her film camera taking photos of everything and I believe I truly fell in love with the art at that young age. I took photos all the time growing up and got into amateur photography when I was about 13. I got my first DSLR for my birthday and pretty much since then, I haven’t been able to put down my camera.


I started out with going outside and finding different angles of nature and playing with my camera. I took photos of leaves, trees, flowers, animals, really anything I saw interesting. I started taking photos of my brothers (if they’d cooperate) and eventually moved onto self portraits. During high school, I took a photography class every semester from Sophomore year to Senior year. I learned so much about photography and the settings of cameras and lighting and all of that technical stuff. The film courses were my absolute favorite. I learned how to develop film and it was a beautiful process. A few of my photos were displayed in some local art festivals and eventually, I received a National Fine Arts Award from 'The U.S. Achievement Academy, entailing a grant and scholarship, Dr. George A. Stevens Founders Award. It was an amazing and exciting moment of my high school career.

Towards the end of my Senior year, I started photographing my friends, taking their senior portraits and getting creative. A few of my mom’s co-workers let me take photos of their families and that launched the passion and drive to make this a career.


Sharing laughs with my best friend

Starting new adventures with my hubby

Making new memories with my love

Heyoooooo! (1).png

Playing tug of war with my puppy

Snuggling with my baby boy

Giving all the loving to my oldest pup

This is more than just a job to me. I am capturing moments in time that will never be the same. People grow, people get older, we lose loved ones and gain new ones. I am here to photograph every moment in your life that you want to celebrate and freeze in time. Photographs are timeless and will tell stories to generations and generations. These are special moments that should be handled with love and passion as they are irreplaceable. I am honored you would choose me to photograph these beautiful moments in life and I hope to be the photographer you stick with and grow with.

So pick me, choose me to photograph your life and create everlasting memories for you. Let’s freeze time, just for a few moments, and create something magical.


I'm such a picky eater but I love a good ole' classic crusted chicken! Especially with some mashed potatoes and french cut style green beans!


I'm a movie-fanatic so picking a favorite is tough! But one I have always loved is 'Aladdin'! CLASSIC!


Summer is my favorite but Holiday season is 110% Christmas! I get the Holiday cheer pumpin' through my veins months beforehand! It's my FAVORITE!!


Frank Sinatra! I listen to various genres but I will never get tired of good ole' Sinatra!


This is always a tough one LOL! I was born in Kentucky, lived in Ohio until 7, lived in Arizona until 13, then to North Carolina until 15, & finally Colorado!


Tons of snacks, some caffeine, an occasional movie or tunes, and a cozy blanket with baby boy in the swing next to me or bassinet!


Manager at a Barbecue restaurant, LOVED it and still miss it from time to time! It made me one heck of a BBQ Pit Master! 


painting, refurbishing furniture, woodworking, calligraphy, designing, and does snuggling my dogs count?? LOL