Photographs have been a way people tell stories for many, many years. It's how we share with everyone in our lives of these irreplaceable memories we have created and shared with our loved ones. Whether it be your big wedding day, your first moments of welcoming your new baby, sharing laughs and smiles with your family, capturing your new found love with your partner, milestones such as starting a business or graduating high school or college and even the small moments with your pets! These are all memories you will want to look back on. That's what I aim to capture in your session. I wish to freeze time and capture those moments you share and turn them into photographs for you to share and cherish for the rest of your lives.


The moment has come where you think "Hey, I really want a photo session done." And lucky for me, you've decided you love my work and want your session to be with me! (YAY! *happy dance*) You can come to my website and go to the 'Contact' tab and fill out the questionnaire, or simply shoot me a message on one of my social media sites and we can start chatting! We will discuss what type of session you are looking for, what package options I have that fit your needs, discuss pricing and payment plans if needed, location options to choose from, dates and times that I have available that work best for you and what you wish to have captured in your session.


Now at this stage, you've officially been put on my books! (YAY!!) But you are a little stuck on what to wear. Well hey, no worries, I'm here to help! I want you to wear what's comfortable and fitting to your style. Outfits truly make or break a session but they don't need to be all fancy attire. We can chat about what ideas you have and ask for my input on your choices and we can adjust as needed. Or if you'd like some recommendations and stricter guidance, I'm happy to point you in the right direction! I'll ask what the style is you're aiming for and then I can send over some color schemes. Or if you'd like to skip the chatting, I can just send you directly to my styling section on my website!


Session has ended and it's time for the next step! I will cull through the images of your session and pick the best outcomes. Your images will be professionally edited, touch-ups and artistic style applied, and then they will be sent out to you in a proofing gallery where you can choose your favorites. I send out the instructions of choosing your favorites. Most galleries delivered have additional images to purchase, depending on the amount that is included in your package. Once you've followed the instructions and made your final decisions on your images, you'll be sent the final gallery where you can download your images and keep forever!

Once we've decided on what package option you'd like, a location, time, date and any other details you'd like finalized, I email out a contract and retainer invoice. You will need to review the contract and sign it, and then pay the 50% non-refundable retainer. Your session is not secured on my calendar until both of those tasks are completed. I give a 48 hour grace period to give you time to sign the contract, ask any questions you may have, and pay the retainer. Once those 48 hours are finished, the date will open up for other potential clients.


The day has arrived and it's time to shoot! I try my best to arrive to the location 15-30 minutes early. We shoot for the given amount of time that is slotted with the package you've chosen. I will do a various amount of poses and prompts  to best capture you and your loved ones. Once I feel we've gotten a set amount of good outcomes to best show your story, we wrap up the session and part ways for the day.

If weather is needed to take into account with freezing temperatures or rain, we will decide if it's best to reschedule either the day prior or morning of the session.


My services don't end at the final gallery's delivery! I offer extensive options on prints and keepsakes. Along with your final gallery delivery, I will include a link to all the print options that I offer. I work with a professional, high quality printing lab that produces exceptional products. You will have the options of doing regular prints, metals or canvases, various album options, holiday cards, announcement cards and other products! We can chat about what you're looking for and set up an in-person print meeting or a phone call to discuss what you'd like to order. I believe in the sentimental value of holding your images and looking through them amongst family and friends and those keepsakes being the best quality they can be.



Stuck on what to wear for your session? Well I'm here to help! Let's go through some steps to help you decide!

1. What's your style vibes?

Boho, Western, Simple, Casual, Fancy, Vintage, etc. Establish the kind of attire you'd like to wear first! Avoid graphic designs, heavy set patterns, wearing all the same shade color, neon colors or wrinkly clothes.

2. What colors are most flattering on you? 

Most people have a few colors they feel look best on them. Find what you're most comfortable and confident in! Review some color schemes and see what you like best! Don't be afraid to do various shades.

3. Where and when are your photos taking place? 

Location and weather should be taken into account for your outfit choice. If it's cold, you'll want to dress warm. If it's hot, you'll want to wear lighter clothing. On the beach? Consider a flowy dress and rolled up pants so you can be barefoot. In the mountains? Wear something dramatic and dressy to really stand out.

Winter Wonderland
Winter Wonderland

Summertime Blues
Summertime Blues

Autumn Breeze
Autumn Breeze

Winter Wonderland
Winter Wonderland


Make your session an excuse to dress fancier than usual! Make this a fun and memorable session with some dress clothes and lots of laughs!


Elopements range from 100-300 images, Weddings range from 200-1000 and Portraits range from 25-150. Gallery sizes vary also with the package you've selected as a few of the portrait options have limited included images. The scheduled time for your session determines the amount of best outcomes I get. Your gallery doesn't include any blinking, out of focus, unflattering poses or angles, etc.


For weddings and elopements, galleries are delivered 6-8 weeks after the big day, sometimes as soon as 2-4 weeks. It depends on the time of year and if it takes place during the busy season.

For portrait sessions, galleries are delivered 3-4 weeks. This also depends on the time of year and during slower seasons, you can receive your gallery as early as a week! My goal is to get your images to you as soon as I can while still being able to balance my work load and personal life with my family.


During this pandemic, it's been so tough to predict schedules. We used to be able to push through a headache or feeling a bit off, but now we have to play it safe! Rescheduling fees are currently waived as long as enough notice is given. Rescheduling is highly encouraged over canceling. Your non-refundable retainer can be used for another session of your choosing at a later date. 

If you have any further concerns, feel free to email me and we can discuss your options.


Absolutely! Outfit changes depend on how long we have for our session. Miniature sessions do not allow enough time for outfit changes but hour+ sessions allow plenty of time for more than one outfits. You can change in your vehicle, in a public restroom or in my changing tent, whichever you are most comfortable with!


I do not deliver any unfinished images. Raw images do not represent my brand. My work is all from my artistic image and I aim to make your photos beautiful in every way possible and maintain a consistency with my portfolio.


Copyright is often confused with print release. All images taken by me remain within my copyright. But you have full release to print your images wherever and however you'd like. If you need a print release for your images, just ask and I will send over that document!


Yes I do! I offer an abundance of print options for you to choose from. If you're investing in your photos to be beautiful, displaying them in your home should be top quality. I work with a professional high quality printing lab that produces beautiful pieces. You can order prints, albums, wall art in metal or canvas, announcement or holiday cards, and much more! Getting your prints through Walgreens or Walmart or other organizations, I cannot guarantee the quality of your prints